Can't save gateway scripts to specific project

I have a customaers gateway that is running igniiton 8.0.9. It had some gateway timer scripts running on it for about two years. Yesterday it stopped working and the scripts had vanished from the gateway events page. The project library and named queryies were still there.
The really weird part is I can no longer save gateway event scripts to that project anymore. The OK and Apply buttons on the scripting window dont do anything. So when i go to save the project it says there are no change to save.
I’ve upgraded the gateway to 8.0.17, restarted everything, disabled and enabled the project and none of that has fixed anything.
I’ve created a new project on the gateway in the meantime and that is working fine.
Has the project been corrupted somehow? Or am i missing a simple project option somewhere that dissallows gateawy events to be created?

Any help greatly apreciated!


Sounds like corruption in the IDB, but that’s just a guess. You should probably call into support for this one.

Because there is no change. Pick a script, type a space, then delete it. Presto! technically changed changed script.

Yeah. The issue is that i cant save changes to the script. The actual apply and ok button on the scripting window dont save the changes locally. So when i close and reopen the script in the designer the script has not held the changes.

Sorry to misunderstand your issue. Have you tried exporting / re-importing the project?