Can't save project

I just made a bunch of changes to my project, and it will not save (I have been able to save earlier in the day). I get the “Uploading to gateway” progress bar, but it eventually times out with the error below. The clients that are running are working fine. What is going on?

Well, that error is a symptom of the timeout while saving, not a cause. Something is causing the save operation to timeout, possibly on the Gateway. Check the Threads section of the Console area of the Gateway config section, perhaps there is a deadlock?

I restarted the gateway and it snapped out of it for now.

Looking back at my notes, it acted very similarly to another problem I had on Apr 29th, so it must have been another deadlock. I couldn’t start the gateway home page, so I couldn’t do a thread dump this time. I had previously updated to 7.2.5 after the Apr 29 event, but your notes say that 7.2.6 should resolve this problem, so I’ll have to schedule that update after I test it on another machine first.

Yeah, a deadlock would be my first guess for that behavior.