Cant Scroll In SQL Browser


Not sure if it is my PC but I can’t use thumb wheel on mouse to scroll up and down SQL tags browser in the designer. I am nearly certain I could before. The project browser and OPC browser scroll ok. Is a bit of a problem with many tag folders


version 7.5.2

This one doesn’t ring a bell for me. Do you have any other computers you can test with just to narrow it down?


Did some testing this morning and tried it on another machine but still the same problem. I then installed 7.5.1 64 bit on one of the machines and it is scrolling fine. Once I upgrade to 7.5.2 64 bit I see the issue.
Both of the machines I tested on are win 7 professional 64 bit machines one has Java 6 and one has Java 7 and both display the same behavior. Attached is the export of the SQL tags I used to recreate the issue

sqltags.csv (219 KB)

I was able to replicate this issue - it looks like from 7.5.2 onward the scrolling is broken. I will pass this info on to the developers.


I am wondering if this issue will be fixed in the next update


It probably will not be fixed in the next update. I still see an active ticket for it in our system.

I have had the same issue as well with Version 7.5.4. Scrolling is disabled unless you are directly over the scroll bar in the SQL tags window. Works everywhere else though.


Thanks for the info dfenter. There’s still no update on when this will be fixed, but when it is fixed, this thread will be updated.

This bug has been fixed for version 7.5.7.

Thank you

Been waiting a while for this one