Can't see all PLC tags

Hey everybody

I'm messing around with my first Ignition project and have a micrologix 1100 and RS500 running on a VM. I've created a Tag Provider using the 1100 and am able to see B3's and N7's but I can't see any other data types.

Did I do something wrong when setting up the Tag Provider?

No, browsing these older AB controllers is hit or miss.

You may need to manually address certain tags if they don't show up in the browse.

Hey Kevin thanks for the response.

I couldn't see some of the b3's at bit level yesterday, so I was doing that. So far as F8's go it doesn't seem to like the manual addressing.

If you're sure that those tags actually exist in the program, and that you're not addressing any that are out of range or don't exist, then you might need to work with support.

Seeing if another software like Kepware can read those tags, and if so, comparing Wireshark captures, might be a useful exercise.

So I can see them all in the OPC browser, just not in the tag browser I missing something?

Sure, the tag browser is only showing you tags you've created. For OPC tags, that probably means tags you dragged from the OPC browser into the Tag Browser.

The OPC browser shows you tags available from some given OPC server.

The Tag browser shows you all the tags you've created in Ignition.

The distinction is that the OPC Browser shows what is available, while the Ignition tag browser, for OPC tags, shows what is communicating (or trying to). Don't create Ignition tags for PLC tags you don't need, as that makes them use CPU time and bandwidth unnecessarily.

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