Can't see my projects in the designer

When I download the designer Launcher and open it. It immediately asks me for a log in. Once I am logged in, I see a lot of sessions from an old gateway and none from the new one that I am using.

This means that you likely set up a default application in the Designer Launcher. This would essentially tell the Designer Launcher to always open a certain gateway on launch.

To remove this setting, you’ll need to locate the designer-launcher.json file. On my macOS environment, the file can be found at ~/.ignition/clientlauncher-data.

Open the designer-launcher.json file in a text editor, and set the value of the global.default.application key to be an empty String (""). Your file should now look like this (leave everything else untouched):

  "global": {
    "default.application": "",
    "multicast.address": "",

Save the changes to this file, and then launch your Designer Launcher again.

I went to User/AppData/Roaming/Inductive Automation/ Designer Launcher. But I see no .json file there
I am on Windows 10


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That took care of it. Thank you all!!!

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