Cant See Network Printer for Scheduled Report

I have a scheduled report running once and hour that I would like to print to a networked printer. It will only print when I am logged into the server that the gateway is hosted on. The “Primary Printer” dropdown in the action tab on the report will populate/unpopulate based on if I am logged in. Has anyone found a way around this? Do I need to have IT create a generic user for this server that is logged in at all times? We have a solid IT dept and they would likely be able to help me set this up if I can point them in the right direction. Thanks!

The printer needs to be accessible to whatever username the gateway service runs under.


Thanks for the tip Jordan!

I wanted to update this so that if anyone else has the same issue it might be of some help. Our IT department could not figure out how give the account access through the print server to the network printer in question. I found out, however, that I could add the network printer as a local printer on the server by supplying the printer setup utility with the IP address. This worked like a charm. Also, this didn’t work for my particular printer, but a lot of new printers these days have an FTP server on them, and the Ignition FTP scheduler on the reports works great at sending reports to printers with that capability.