Can't see the normal Ignition Designer page!

I am new using Ignition. i started using it today at work and the Main page of my designer is not quite right (not what i am used to see). i dont kwo if my sofware isnt workig, license expired of something else but I have attached a file so that you could see what i see. How do i get to the normal ignition designer’s page?

It looks like the Vision module isn’t running.

In the Status tab of the Gateway, choose Modules in the left hand column. Scroll down to Vision, and check the status. Normally, it should say Running.

Thanks for the reply but I am not at work right now. What should I do if it is not running?

It depends on what you see on that page. If Vision isn’t listed at all, it’s likely that all you need to do is reinstall it. You can download it from our downloads page (make sure you download for the version of Ignition you have.)

If it’s there, but shows something other than running, take a look at the logs for a clue as to what is happening. (Gateway -> Configure -> System -> Console -> Logs tab) If that doesn’t give you a clue, post anything that looks likely here (or email it to tech support) and we can help you figure it out.


Thanks. I have another question. I am a brand new Ignition User.
I also have a software at home and MySQL is faulted ("PoolableConnectionFactory). I have it connected to an actual CompactLogic with IP address Any thoughs?

The MySQL connection should be connected to a MySQL database that you’ve installed, not a PLC.

To connect your PLC, go to Configure -> OPC-UA -> Devices


I have just download the Vision software and its currently working!!! Thanks