Cant see the tag set in the Set Tag Value script builder

I have a drop down list in a template, that shows me that it has a script in the project browser. I right click, go to scripting and see this message:

This script was generated automatically by the tag set

script builder. You may modify this script, but if you do,# you will not be able to use the tag set builder to update# this script without overwriting your changes.

So, I click in the Set Tag Value and it shows me "no action" selected in the radio button.

Is this TAG being set in another location?

It means somebody modified it but left the warning comments.

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@fabiano.moreira.amar, please use the </> button when pasting code so that it is formatted properly.

You have posted Python comments which start with a # and that is the forum Markdown syntax for headings. That's why it looks like you are shouting and the text has wrapped incorrectly.

You can fix your post using the "pencil" icon below it.

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