Can't seem to pass display params from flex repeater to embedded view to regular view


I have a view, Test Label, with a label in it that is bound to a view parameter, called display. In my second view, Test Embedded, I have embedded view of Test Label, with a param of display, to change the label text. This works as it should; on this view, I have a label with the text that I have set from my Test Embedded view.

In my third window, Test Repeater, I have a flex repeater that repeats Test Embedded (the view with the Test Label embedded). When I pass the display param from the flex repeater, I only see the value from the Test Embedded view.

It seems like the display params aren’t being carried between the repeating and embedding views. When I follow the tutorial from IU, it works, but my version has some more complicated views.

This thread sounds similar but I can’t seem to put a flex repeater inside a breakpoint container.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.