Can't select OPC Server in New Tag properties

I’m trying to follow along with the training videos for Ignition 8. The video is recorded with version 7.9, but the steps should be similar to 8.

At 40 seconds in, the user opens the drop down menu for the OPC Server tag propert and selects “Ignition OPC-UA Server”, which is the only option. In version 8, I can click on the pencil icon to get a list of available servers. I select “Ignition OPC UA Server” and hit “Commit”, but the OPC Server property box remains blank.

This dialog is just fundamentally broken right now. I know we’ve got a ticket for it somewhere.

Just type the OPC server name in for now. Make sure you realize that it is “Ignition OPC UA Server” on a fresh install and there’s no dash like in the video.

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FWIW, the original idea here was that users would select a tag and then it would populate both the OPC Server and OPC Item Path properties.

Unfortunately selecting just a server is broken and this UI is confusing, so we’re going to go back to just having a dropdown list of servers for this.

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I’ve been facing this since Ignition 8 was released. Just open the pencil, right click on “Ignition OPC-UA Server” and
then paste it in field and thats’s it

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Thank you for your responses. I thought I was doing something wrong.