Can't set pen attributes for Easy Chart template

I created a script (see excerpt below) to dynamically add pens to an Easy Chart object but I can’t seem to set some of the pen attributes when the Easy Chart is a component within a template instance. If I place the script inside the extension function ‘onTagsDropped’, when the Easy Chart component is placed on a window (no template) the pens are added as expected with attributes correctly set. However, when the chart is a component of a template instance on a window, not all the attributes get set correctly. In particular, the ‘color’ and ‘userRemovable’ attributes seem to be overwritten from what I set in the script.

Any suggestions?


    aggregation = 'Average'
axis = 'Default Axis'
subplot = '1'
enabled = 'True'
color = penColor
dashPattern = ''
renderStyle = '1'
lineWeight = '1'
shape = '0'
fillShape = 'True'
labels = 'False'
groupName = ''
digital = 'False'
overrideAutocolor = 'True'
hidden = 'False'
userSelect = 'True'
sortOrder = ''
userRemovable = 'True'

newRow = [penName, tagPath, aggregation, axis, subplot, enabled, color, dashPattern, renderStyle, lineWeight, \
shape, fillShape, labels, groupName, digital, overrideAutocolor, hidden, userSelect, sortOrder, userRemovable]

#add pen
self.tagPens = system.dataset.addRow(self.tagPens, newRow)

I’m not able to replicate your issue. Can you give some more details?

I copied most of your script (only changing the definitions you didn’t include like ‘penName’) into an Easy Chart within a template instance. I can drag-and-drop tags from a historical Tag Browse Tree without issue, both with the tag tree inside the template too, and with it outside the template in the parent window.