Can't use "/" in popup forms

Getting the following from a popup form I create that contains a File Upload. It appears that your allowed to use a “/” character in the identifier of the popup (I was using the path to the view) but if you do that, it messes with route handling…

HTTP ERROR 404 No route match for path: /upload-file/PE/3ed75713/Pplm/ul/form.0:6:2
URI:	/data/perspective/upload-file/PE/3ed75713/Pplm/ul/form.0:6:2
MESSAGE:	No route match for path: /upload-file/PE/3ed75713/Pplm/ul/form.0:6:2
SERVLET:	DataRoutes

Perhaps the identifier should not allow certain url characters? Or in the backend Ignition should sanitize the designer input…

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