Cant't locate a script that generate error message

Hi, everybody
I have a message error that pop and various interval on my page

however, when i try to locate the custom-function, "IfAdditiveIsInfo" I can't find any
place with that function. I've try to find it with the "ctrl-f" tool (Alltemplate, all... ), no mention anywhere.
I've try to manually go through "IndirectsTags" objects but i couldn't find anyscript.

What are my options ?What are my other options to identify this issue.
Thank you.

PS : here is the full message

The component name "IndirectsTags" is right in your first screenshot. Find that. Look at its propertyChange event.

ifAdditiveIsInfo, called from a property change script, is failing to find a system.opc function or function(s). The fact that you're on 8.1.0 and I haven't heard of anything like this happening anytime recently suggests it might be a bug we've already resolved; I'd suggest updating to the latest 8.1.X as a first step.

I end up closing everything and when i came back, the search engine could find the script. Mehh . anyway, thank you for your help and fast response