Capture Label Value with Transaction Group

I have a label running a named query with start date and end date parameters being past to it. I have a transaction group that is recording a couple of tag values, and I want to capture the label value at the same time. I can’t figure out how to capture the label value. I tried to create a tag for it but I can’t add the date restrictions to a query tag, and I can’t bind a tag to the label value in the root container. Any ideas? I’m using version 7.9.6, thanks.

Transaction groups run in the gateway, while labels are GUI elements that only exist in a client. You’ll have to pass the label info back to the gateway, perhaps in a tag, or just handle everything in the gateway (recommended). Keep in mind that the transaction group will run even if no clients are open with that window open, and if you can possibly have multiple open, you’d have to deal with all of them trying to pass data back to the gateway.

Thanks pturmel, I found out how to use the date restriction I needed in the sql query itself instead of using parameters from a date selection component. I ended up using this in a sql tag.