Carousel component crash with time

I have been working on a Internal News TV screen thing using Ignition off and on for a while. It is built in Perspective, and uses the carousel component. At first, it loads properly and cycles as it should. However, after an extended period of time, the carousel goes blank. the dots across the bottom are still there, but it no longer pulls the views in. It is not caused by CPU overload, as the CPU (even on the Raspberry Pi) does not exceed 35% usage
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Check the memory usage of the browser. I noticed that when I tried to use a carousel and auto cycle it, that the memory usage for the page increased with every move to the next slide until eventually it hit its limit and the view crashed the browser. That was back in 8.0.6 or something though?

Thank you for your feedback. I am currently on 8.0.16, but the memory does seem to climb. I made a version without the carousel, I’ll post here when I find out if it crashes or not

Version without the carousel does not crash. There must be problems inside the carousel component. Thank you for the help