Carousel doesn't render Labels with Fade: False

In this video, all that I do is change props.behavior.fade to false

Why does it break label that is bound to an input view param inside flex repeater?


@wking, the internals of the carousel were rebuilt for 8.0.11 to address some performance issues. If you are able to test with a recent nightly, you shouldn’t see this behavior anymore, and you can update to 8.0.11 once released.

Nice. Yeah I am behind. (8.0.6) I have no excuse to not update either. Especially right now lol.


Can someone please detail the changes made to the Carousel. I didn’t have time to dig into it yet, but I tried updating the nightly and noticed significantly slower behavior from the Carousel. I also noticed my view inside it was shifted to the left. I didn’t have a chance to open the designer and troubleshoot and had to revert to rc.8.0.10 to avoid issues. Any information on the updates to the carousel would be appreciated.


@kyle.demerath, there was a summary written about the work in Paul’s Nightly Changelog post:

The API is identical; this was just a rebuild of the internal logic and removing a library dependency. There were some layout issues with the previous carousel that may have forced you to add style to your views (slides) to get them to align correctly. If that’s the case, you can remove anything like that. Each slide displays from its top, right corner inside of the carousel.

With regard to the slowness that you mentioned… Can you elaborate on what you are seeing there?

Also, I’d recommend reverting to the stable release of 8.0.10 vs the Release Candidate (RC). RCs may still include bugs and should really be used for testing features/fixes.

Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed (I’m now on the latest 8.0.12 nightly):

  • Slide padding appears to only add padding to one side, not both. Previously with a side padding of 50 I had my carousel be 100px wider than the views inside it and I was left with 50px on either side. Now if the padding is 50 the view inside is all the way to the left (with no padding). I know the padding still exists on the right because if I make the carousel the same width as the view inside I get a scroll bar for the width. If I make the padding 0 that goes away.
  • Swiping is way worse now. I can only use Chrome Dev mode right now since I’m not in the office to use one of the touchscreens, but the swiping performance is considerably worse than it was before. I have an application with each version of Perspective and it’s night and day. With the new carousel its jerky and requires a far longer swipe to make the carousel change pages. It seems that requirement is way too long, since you can’t really flick it over anymore at all. From some quick tests I would say it requires you to click and drag at least 50% of the screen width in length to switch screens. The old way was maybe half that. And the jerkiness is almost unusable. I can’t move back and forth with the mouse and watch the pages move in sync with that. The old carousel was smooth and worked well.

@kyle.demerath, thanks for reporting. I will look into the padding issue. With regard to the swiping, you do have to drag 50% of the width of a new slide to get a transition to occur. There isn’t a “flick swipe” gesture in place with the new carousel. That said, it wouldn’t be hard to add, and I can look into this as well. That could certainly get annoying with large carousels. We didn’t observe the jerkiness that you are describing while building/testing. If you’re able to share a project with your carousel, would you be willing to send me a DM with a project that I can test? If not, please give me a rough description of the carousel (size, number of slides, what each slide contains or how it’s built, etc.) so I can try to replicate. As a side effect of having a “flick swipe” gesture drive the transitions, any visible jerkiness would likely disappear during a drag action.

I agree with Kyle about the jerkiness in the new carousel. We aren’t experiencing it as badly though (it’s still usable in our case)

We have a screen with a table and a carousel with 3 slides. Each slide contains 1 chart. On Android (in both the Perspective App and on Chrome), scrolling to the right of the table is buttery smooth and on the carousel seems like it’s repainting at a fraction of the speed. Other platforms I tested this on don’t seem to display this issue.


Phone - iPhone 8 - Perspective App & Safari
Smooth transitions. Just as smooth as scrolling on the table.

Phone - Samsung Galaxy S10 - Perspective App
Very jerky transitions. Table scrolling is unaffected.

Phone - Samsung Galaxy S10 - Chrome
Jerky transitions, but a lot better than the Perspective App. Table scrolling is unaffected.

Desktop - Chrome
Not as smooth as the iPhone, but not as jerky as on Android. I’d still consider it smooth though.

Previous to this scrolling seemed fine on all platforms

@Matthew.gaitan, thanks for reporting your experience and carousel contents. Sounds like some further refinement is needed to clean up the drag interaction.