Cartographic transformations and python libraries

Morning all.

I’m having a play with mapping, here in the UK we have various ways of describing a location,
Postcode, latitudes and longitudes and eastings and northings etc. I want to convert eastings and northings in to longitudes and latitudes, I was using a web API and this is OK for a few manualy but not so good when I’d like to do thousands. So I’ve found a python library that fits the bill but I can’t figure out how to install it. I know it goes in to the “user-lib/pylib” location.

It starts to run but fails when trying to import “_proj” which I just can’t find.

any pointers could be worth a beer in September is the library

Hi Chris,

While I’d still like to see an answer on this one, did you happen to see this blog entry? It may be a bit easier to implement.

As a shared script…
geo_2015-01-06_1040.proj (3.28 KB)


Beers in September… … 0&t=13400#

I had been goggling for hours and I missed that blog, its perfect. 100 meters would have close enough.

I’ll give it a go.

Oh and thanks for the script, your a diamond.

Thats pretty good,

14,451 coordinates transformed in 20 seconds

I love this stuff