Cascading dropdowns in Perspective

I'm sure this is all noob stuff, but I'm trying to make a dropdown dependent on the selection of another dropdown. The first dropdown is populated from a SQL query and filters the table data, I'd like to get the second dropdown to further filter the data but I can't get it to work.

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The second dropdown would itself have its options bound against a parameterized Named Query, where the parameter is supplied as the value of the first Dropdown.

I use something like this for some of our testing pages:

Dropdown 1 Named Query binding for options:
Named Query SQL: select id as value, type as label from component_types
This returns something like [{"value": "1", "label": "input"}, {"value": "2", "label": "display"}], and allows my options to immediately be populated with the expected keys present. I also always change the return format of the binding to JSON, but that's just preference for easier examination of the returned results.

Dropdown 2 Named Query binding on options:
select component from components where components.typeId=:typeId
Then my binding dialog allows me to specify the parameter value, and I select the value of Dropdown 1.

Sorry, I actually figured it out. Typical bozo move. I had to set the value of the variable in the query to the prop>value of the first dropdown.

	DISTINCT Attribute1, Attribute2,
	CONCAT(Attribute1,'-',Attribute2) AS CombAttrib
FROM Inventory
WHERE "Location" = :LOC

then the LOC value needed set to:


So... exactly what I said to do?


Maybe, possibly, probably, yes, thank you!

I apologize, I honestly got lost in your reply because I'm not familiar enough with Ignition.

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