Case on property expression


I have a drop-down list and an LED screen I also have 3 labels and I want that when I select a data from my list I will put the data of the label inside the LED screen

for this I am using a CASE as an expression inside the LED Display but it only shows me the -1

can you help me with my CASE

Looks fine to me. Can you screenshot your dataset table data?

Is there any change your dataset content is space-padded? That will mess up comparisons.

I don’t see anything irregular

Is there any whitespace after the entry in the dataset (for example: 'Linea_Disco ')?


how to remove the space

That space padding will be coming from the dataset. Remove it from the dataset

Alternatively, use trim() in the expression. (At least, I think you should have trim() available, since you’re using case() )

trim({Root Container.Dropdown.selectedStringValue})

Better to use trim in the SQL query on the dataset’s binding, or RTRIM(LTRIM(…)) combo for MS SQL. I didn’t actually realise (didn’t look) that the data property was a binding. (Presumably it comes from a SQL query?)


thanks @nminchin this is the solution