Catching events in multiple components

I’m catching mouse events in a label, but I’d like underlying components to catch the event as well.
Now the event is consumed only by the button and is not forwarded below…
Is there a way to make the button a not filtering component, or to fire the evet again?

You would have to be more specific about what you are trying to do. I’ll give you an example of where I made a label appear interactive. I had a page that was dual purpose ‘Dust/Reclaim’. I placed a translucent button over the Dust portion and a translucent button over the Reclaim button. and then scripted whether each portion of the label was highlighted and what was affected from those translucent buttons. It appeared as if the labels were reacting to touch events. Now be careful the buttons have to be visible just make sure ‘Fill Area’ and ‘Border Painted’ are set to false. This approach has been tested by me and works great. I however have had no success with trying to get labels to behave well with user interaction. I have used the mouse events on labels for changing the labels themselves. good luck!

This is a Java Swing deliberate design choice. Mouse events are consumed at the innermost component that has a listener registered. If you wish to pass it up the chain, you must do so yourself from within the inner component.
Other event types generally don’t bubble up the hierarchy at all.