CC and BCC not working with function

Hi everybody, i use Ignition 7.9.11 and in a page I have a python script inside a button that sends an email.
but it sends the email only to the adresses in the “dest” list

here the script:

text = "this is the body of the email"

smtpID = "***censured***:25"
from_adress = ""
sub = "TEST EMAIL"
dest = ["",""]
cc_dest = [""]
bcc_dest = [""]

if system.gui.confirm("send email?"):, fromAddr=from_adress, subject=sub, body=text, html=0, to=dest, cc=cc_dest, bcc=bcc_dest )

please help :slight_smile:

The manual says cc and bcc are only available if you use an SMTP Profile defined in the gateway, not the smtp host option.