Cell Coloring using Style

Hello everyone,

I am trying to change the color of a cell in a perspective table based on the value of two columns.
Currently, I am doing this in the script mapping of data property binding. The script is:

	output_json = []
	style_red = {"backgroundColor": "#D9000099"}
	style_green = {"backgroundColor": "#9ED23E"}
	style_yellow = {"backgroundColor": "#F4F03D"}
	for row in range(value.getRowCount()):
		row_object = {}
		for col in value.getColumnNames():   
			if col == 'process_value':
				if value.getValueAt(row,col)>=value.getValueAt(row, 'low_limit') and value.getValueAt(row,col)<= value.getValueAt(row, 'high_limit'):
					cell_style= style_green
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col)>value.getValueAt(row, 'high_limit'):
					cell_style= style_red
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col)<value.getValueAt(row, 'low_limit'):
					cell_style= style_yellow						
	return output_json

However, this code cannot be generalized as I have multiple views and I would like to have this script in a single location that I can call for each time. For colors also I would like to use style.
I was thinking to use the combination of message handlers and style but I would like to know your suggestion that? what would be the best way to approach this?

Thank you!

I dont think you need to use message handelers for this.

You can use style classes:
style_red = {"classes": "pathToStyleClassRed"}

If you are using the same if fuctions (with columns low/high_limit) you could make it a project script.
But generalizeing a dyanmic if-statement for different conditions and results is not all the simple

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Thank you very much, Victor.
Appreciate it.