Cell Font color or Background Color

I have a table of Values…
Bolt1, Bolt2, Bolt3, Bolt4… Bolt50
I need to compare EACH CELL to a Upper and Lower Limit defined per Row in a column USL and LSL

Is there a way in the displayed table to set each cell color to Red if cell >= USL and Blue if cell <= LSL??



Put this code in the getBackgroundAt Extension Function of the Table:

	colName = self.data.getColumnNames()[col]	
	if len(colName) <= 4 or colName[0:4] != "Bolt":		
		return defaultColor 
	if value >= self.data.getValueAt(row,"USL"):
		return "Red"
	elif value <= self.data.getValueAt(row,"LSL"):
		return "Blue"
		return defaultColor