Cell update binding to dynamically bind single cell to tags

Hi All,

I have created an “Area1” having two Different Valves “VLV1”, “VLV2” with Flow rate tags "Flow_Rate_1 "& “Flow_Rate_2”.

I have two buttons on the screen “Valve_1” & “Valve_2”.

If I click “Valve_1” button then my cell should get bind dynamically to the tag “Flow_Rate_1” and should show the value of “Flow_Rate_1”.
If I click “Valve_2” button then the same cell should get bind dynamically to the tag “Flow_Rate_2” and should show the value of “Flow_Rate_2”.

Kindly suggest how to achieve the above functionality.


You can accomplish that by using custom properties. Do the following:

  1. Add a custom property to the Root Container. Right click on it and select Customizers > Custom Properties. Add a new property called FlowRateTag that is a string.

  2. You can either bind the new property to an expression that returns the right string (Flow_Rate_1 or Flow_Rate_2) or you can set it through scripting.

  3. If you have buttons that change from 1 to 2 you can set that property:event.source.parent.FlowRateTag = "Flow_Rate_1"4) You can now use the new custom property in the Cell Update binding.

If the only difference between the two is just the number 1 or 2 you can make the custom property an integer and do the same thing.

Sorry I was thinking you were using that path in an easy chart. If you want the value of the tag to show up in the bar chart you have to link to an actual value in the cell update binding. Add another custom property called flowValue that is a float. Bind it to an indirect tag:


where {1} links to Root Container.FlowRateTag. Than you can use the flowValue in the cell update binding directly:

{Root Container.flowValue}

The example I gave earlier would just give you the path to the tag not the actual tag value.