Cellular Modems

I just wanted to share this with everyone, as some of you may not be aware of all the features offered today with cellular modems.

We use Multitech Cellular Modems with Verizon as our Carrier/ISP, and here are just some of the reasons.

Cost is just $249.95 (modem only) and a “Static IP” from Verizon with 250 meg bandwidth is only $18.00/month.

Now when you purchase this modem you get “FREE” the use of Multitech DEVICEHQ, this is their own device monitoring web site. You program into the model/router a keep alive ping routine let’s say ping www.google.com every 10 minutes if 8 pings in a row are not answered the modem reboots itself! Now all this time DevieHQ is waiting for a check-in every 15 minutes(Programmable) if device does not check in within that parameter then SMS/Emails are sent to call list.

You can also schedule reboots / firmware updates / or even new configuration file upload(this will actually reprogram modem for you.

They also provide VPN Tunnels which we rely on heavily.

As I said, just wanted to provide this information in hopes someone else may benefit.

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Thanks for sharing this. We currently use Digi WR31’s (multi-carrier) since we have agreements with both AT&T and Verizon. I have been actively pushing Digi to support MQTT and they have finally come around and it is now in their pipeline for a release in 2Q 2018.