Cellular services with Airlink

We have used several Airlink devices through the years and we use AT&T as our carrier. It is always a struggle to talk to someone at AT&T to properly provision the Airlink devices for SMS capability. I'm wondering about the experience of other Airlink customers with AT&T or other carriers. I would be interested to hear of your positive or negative interactions and what gives you the best success to get your Airlink provisioned properly with your carrier. Thanks.

I recently used an Airlink RV55 with a Verizon SIM card and followed this guide for setup:

I had no issues with SMS and the RV55 automatically connected to the Verizon network after turning it on with the SIM installed.

I followed the same setup guide. Out of curiosity, did you take the SIM out of another Airlink device and install in the RV55? Or was it a new SIM?

New SIM.

If you are having trouble changing an existing device you might have that SIM locked to another device.

you should be using an mvno to provide you services instead of going directly to the carrier. Kore Wireless is the largest in the world but you can search for Kore competitors there are many out there.

I have used Verizon for years. I too started out with AT&T but support was impossible to work with so I switched.

We have our own Cellular Private Network with Verizon and this automatically put us on their Tier 2 support level, When I call for support, a human will answer and I have never been put on hold, they also have always solved my problem. this has now been about 6 years.

I would never change for anything.

Can you elaborate on Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)? How is using an MVNO better than getting a SIM card from the major local carrier?

Most MVNO provide a better customer support apparatus for turning up or down service, they better understand what we are trying to do, and they deal with the carrier to work out any issues. Call general AT&T support and ask them any question and you will find out very quickly why you should deal with a MVNO. Along with these reasons, the MVNO typically has service with multiple carriers and can put all of this into one package where you just deal with them instead of having to deal with at&t, verizon, t-mobile, etc individually.

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So I would just call a big MVNO, tell them my location, and ask what packages they have? Do they give me a SIM card then for the Airlink?