Centralized Logging

We are up to almost a dozen gateways and monitoring/management is becoming time consuming. I’d like to link the Ignition logs to a centralized log system for alerts and searching. (EAM Module is good, but it lacks cross server search-ability and easy alerting that will integrate to 3rd party systems).

I did a test linking our data to Papertrail and it works really nice. I have the OS logs in addition to sending the wrapper.log. This works great, but I’d like to take it a step further if possible. Papertrail prefers to use the syslog protocol for sending logs. The data is then able to be logger by their servers more efficiently and the data is more accurate than what is in the wrapper.log. Is there a way to configure Ignition to send all the logs to an external syslog server?

This can be done in the log4j properties (https://help.papertrailapp.com/kb/configuration/java-log4j-logging), but I do not want to effect any of the Ignition loggers

I have zero experience with this particular task, but it may be possible to tell the wrapper (through ignition.conf arguments) to use syslog:

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