Certificate to hostname, downloading from IP

We enabled SSL on the gateway to find this error when launching both clients and designers now.

“The connection to this website is untrusted”

More information tells me:
“The certificate use to identify the website is not trusted. … The application is being downloaded from a site other than the one specified by the security certificate. Download from {shows the IP address}; expecting {shows the server hostname}”

The IP address is correct for the server hostname.

How do we resolve this?

Is this a real SSL certificate from a registrar or an internal/self-signed certificate?

You either need to get the IP addresses added to the certificate or start using the hostname in any URL you use that points to this gateway. Whether you can add the IPs depends on whether this is a real SSL certificate and if the IPs are public.

Are you using native client launchers or the legacy JNLP launchers?

The certificates are self-signed with hostname only. The IPs are not public; internal only. We are using the JNLP launchers.

It appears that the main gateway seems to not throw the error, but it is getting triggered by the backup gateway. Would the backup also require a certificate?

Hi @Ahiero,

If you are using redundancy (on 7.9) you should use the HTTP Address settings to specify the specific address clients should connect through:

In 8.0 you can use the Public Address setting.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C