Change an SFC timer action rate via scripting

I was wondering if it were possible to dynamically change the rate of a timer action within an SFC step. For example I've created an action that sets a chart parameter on a 5 second sample time. I'd like this sampling time to be dynamic, where I set it at the beginning of the SFC in a separate step(i.e. from step S1 have an action that writes the sample rate of the timer in S2).


I unfortunately don't see a way to do this in the Designer, and there don't seem to be any system.sfc scripting functions that would provide this function. Did you discover a way to do this? Maybe you can post it here for public visibility? You can also submit a feature request on the Ignition Features and Ideas page if you'd like.

I would also like to do something like this, so that I can loop with a programmable rate while still being able to reliably pause charts