Change border color from mouse entered/exit script

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to show that a container is clickable and to do so,I am thinking to change the border color when mouse enters there and goes back to normal when mouse exit. How do I do this? I found something about “toBorder” but that one is for binding. I tried same with scripting but did not work. Let me know how I can achieve this or even if you have better idea to show that container is clickable.

Thank you

Not elegant but it should work:

  1. Add a custom property to your container, i’ll call it “status” and set it to 0

  2. Add one mouse entered script to change “status” to 1

  3. Add one mouse exit script to change “status” back to 0

  4. Use a style driven by your custom property “Status” to change the border

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Yes, It works. Learning small tricks. Thank you.