Change button rollover color

Is there a way for me to change the color of a button for rollover?

Vision, or Perspective?


If i remember correctly this was an issue with Vision on some buttons, you have a rollover property but it didnt do anything in some cases. But testing it now using the 8.1.9 version the property works fine, it makes the button darker when your mouse goes over the button. If you want something more specific you can do the same “gambiarra” i did which is:

  • Create a custom INT property on the button.

  • Create a style that changes your colors the way you want and use the property you’ve created to drive it.

  • Create scripts to change the number of the property you’ve created to match the style you want.
    Ex: On the Mouse Entered Event Handlet script, change your property to a number that corresponds to Style 1, then on the Mouse Exited Event Handler Script you change it back to the original style.

I hope i’m being clear enough and i also must warn you that this doesn’t feel like the propper way because it probably isn’t, just a workaround i did in a pinch and it can be very annoying to manage if you have anything other than a miniscule project.