Change calendar language

Hi Guys,

I was wonder if there is any way to change the calendar’s language. I would like to change the month and the days of the week from English to Spanish.


Localization of the calendar component should be available for Ignition 7.7.

I had the same problem some time ago and made a module with a localized calendar:
Feel free to use it till 7.7 is available.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing Chi!


by the way, is there any tutorial for module development ? I would like to try to code my owns modules.

Thanks again guys and have a nice 2014!

You can find a link to the Ignition Module SDK on the downloads page of the Inductive Automation website. There is a programmers guide within the .zip file that will get you started.

You can find the source for this module on github.
Please note that i use maven for building Ignition modules, so if you never worked with Eclipse, Maven or Git this is maybe not the best place to start. However, feel free to explore the source there.