Change Client Settings to 'All Users' for Win7?

When launching the Ignition applications, the shortcut and application data are being installed to the individual users profile folders and desktop on our Win7 machines.
This is causing each user to download their own copy of each application on shared workstations.

Is there a way to change the client settings to set up the shortcut (icons) and the application data in the ‘All Users’ or shared space in Win7?


Scott T

Hi Scott,

If you still need it you can try to run this (as Administrator):

javaws.exe -system -shortcut -silent c:\path\to\project.jnlp

javaws.exe is usually found in c:\windows\system32

project.jnlp is the file downloaded when you click launch on a project. Alternatively you can use those links:

Windowed JNLP: http://IP:PORT/main/system/launch/client/PROJECT_NAME.jnlp Full-Screen JNLP: http://IP:PORT/main/system/launchfs/client/PROJECT_NAME.jnlp Applet URL: http://IP:PORT/main/web/applet/client/PROJECT_NAME

Before that you may want to clear the java cache (javaws -clearcache).