Change Custom Property values depending on switches

Hey !

I have those 3 customs property right here.

I want them to change their values depending on the state of the switches bellow.

I guess that I have to script somewhere but I don’t know where.

Thanks !

What are the switches linked to ? Other custom properties ?
What behavior do you want to obtain ?

Seems to me that simple expression bindings would do the trick, but we need to know more about what you want to do.

I get the status of my switches in other custom properties.

I want for example that if the switch “Geneve” and “Eclairage” are true then the custom property
has a value of the addition of others properties that are linked to tags.

If you didn’t understand tell me.


Create an expression binding on PuissanceActiveTotale.

   {../PtotAuxGen.props.text} * {../toggleGeneve.props.selected}
 + {../PtotAuxMac.props.text} * {../toggleEclairage.props.selected}

The selector switch returns a True (1) or False (0) which multiplies the individual counts.

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Ok that’s a logic way to do it.

I guess it will work

Thank you very much for your help !