Change datasources dynamically

I’d like to set up something where I can pick a datasource from a drop-down menu during runtime. When binding properties, I know there is a drop-down to choose which datasource to use, but I won’t be able to change this at runtime. Is there any way I can, say, store a datasource name as a dynamic property of some component, and when that changes, all data will come from the new datasource?


Unfortunately, dynamic datasets for bindings is a feature that we’re currently missing. Your best options as a workaround are to:

  1. If the datasources are logical schemas on the same database, you can use explicit table-name schema specifiers in your query.
  2. Re-tool databases so that all is coming from one schema (obviously may not be an option)
  3. Achieve binding-like feature using scripting (cumbersome)

I’ll bump this up on the feature request list. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did this ever make it as a feature? I have created a window for charting data and I am expanding it to be used in different processes. instead of making a new window I am trying to have all the properties change depending on what button launches the window. Unfortunatly some process data is recorded on entirely different server boxes.

Unfortunately no, this hasn’t happened yet. If you’re using the easy chart, its pen’s do contain the dataset information and can be changed dynamically. Otherwise a runScript() expression binding might be your best bet.