Change default Datasource History Provider

I have a Ignition setup, which uses only one database connection, which is called, for example, "Mysql1" .
This database connection is also the only and default datasource history provider.
I want to add second database connection "Mysql2" and use it as default datasource history provider.
What's the right way to switch datasource "Mysql2" as a default datasource history provider?

Hi @John_Smith1,

If you are just looking to change where the tags are storing history, you'll need to change the Storage Provider field in the history settings for each tag. You can multi-select whichever tags you want to change, and do a bulk tag edit to change the storage provider for the tags.

If you are looking to change the default database for the project, then you can change the default database in the Project Properties.

If neither of those scenarios line up with your use case, please give some more details on where why you are trying to accomplish this, so that the forum community can better help you.

Thank you, your answer is fine with me.