Change Default Tag Provider @ runtime

Anyone know if it is possible to change the default tag provider at runtime? We have several tag providers for different machine types and would like to have one project where any screens that have machine type specific data on them we would swap to that machine type provider. We wouldn’t have any screens that needed a combination of machine types on them.


I don’t think there’s a way to change the default provider on the fly. It’s actually not stored in the client, but instead retrieved on the gateway from the project settings.

Anyhow, what you really want to do instead is set up your windows using indirect tag bindings, with an indirect reference for the provider name. In other words, on the root container of your screen, you might have “tagProvider”. Then, all of your paths will be “[{0}]path/to/tag”, with the {0} set as a binding to that property.

Hope that helps, I know it’s probably not the answer you want, now that your screens are built…

Actually this is the way we went. Since this was mobile project started from scratch it wasn’t big deal to do from the start.