Change delimeter at OPC Item Path

Hello. I looking for solution for automatic UDT tag path fulfilling. I made plant structures at OPC UA and trying to make same structural at Ignition. At this step i have one trouble that Ignition built-in parameter - PathToParentFolder has delimeter - ‘/’ symbol, but in my OPC UA delimeter is ‘.’ symbol. As i understand scripting doesn’t work in OPC tag path and i can’t change tag parameter via external scripting. I found only one solution by create addition tag parameter and write right tag prefix with divider ‘.’ but it not effective way.
Are there have some setting for divider symbol for Ignition tag structures?
How i can replace slash on dot?
1)Structural at extenal OPC UA server

2)OPC item path with parameter PathToParentFolder

3)Error configuration with Using structural approach.

4)Good manual configuration