Change Device IP Addresses from Master to Backup

We have a machine network configuration in which I would like to change the IP Addresses of certain devices when the Ignition Gateway switches between Master & Backup, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

Network Configuration is as follows:

  • Master Gateway is connected to a local machine cell network,, & our factory machine network,

  • Backup Gateway is only connected to the factory machine network,

  • Key IP Addresses on the network (3 PLC’s) are mapped to the network through a 1783-NATR.

The Master Gateway could be connected directly to those 3 PLC’s through the network, but we currently map to those devices through the factory network & then back in through the NATR because otherwise the Backup Gateway cannot connect to those devices. If we could change the IP Addresses for those machines on the Backup Gateway only we could point the Master to them more directly. Does anyone know if/how this might be possible?

I tried a Gateway Event Script which monitors the system tag “isMaster” that switches the device IP addresses appropriately as it switches from true to false or vice versa, but it doesn’t work 100% of the time; I believe this is because Ignition does not want you to make configuration changes on a Backup Node (not sure why it doesn’t fail 100% of the time if that’s the case, but when it fails that is what the diagnostic logs lead me to believe).

For those who might care for some additional context: we’re having some network issues at our site & we suspect the machine network switch that the NATR is connected to is the culprit (it’s about 10 years old), but there is some suspicion around the NATR itself (installed last year when we started using Ignition). Being able to configure our device connections to dynamically switch IP Addresses between Master & Backup would help with diagnosing the source of our trouble.

Probably not the suggestion you want to hear, but I think it is insane to not have identical setups on both master and backup. Add the machine network to your backup gateway and be done with it.

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Haha, no that’s a fair suggestion. There are 3 robots, 3 PLC’s, and another two dozen or so miscellaneous devices on the machine network, so I’ve been trying to avoid the effort. But I admit the thought has crossed my mind that that would resolve the issue (and make my life easier in the future, most likely). I’ll probably get around to it one of these days soon.