Change Header Color for Alarm Status table in Perspective

i have tried to change the header colour but i can't able to change.

You need to change the props.headerStyle to affect the header style

Thank you for your reply, Alarm Status table haven't headerStyle property.

Oh, whoops! I must have just seen Table and gone with that :grimacing:

You're most likely going to have to change it with the advanced style sheet by referring to the page in your browser dev tools to find out which css selector you need to override

Hi @Senthoor_Mani_M.

under the Meta data of your alarm status object create a domId with the value of your choice

Under Styles/stylesheet.css

enter the following code

#alarmTable .ia_table__headContainer{

Just change the #alarmTable with the domId value you use (always with an # first).
Then save your project and the modification should be applied to all alarm status table with the same domId.
Be aware that the advanced style sheet is available on gateway 8.1.22 and after.
To activate it right click on the styles folder and Enable advance stylesheet.
Fyi it's the same for an alarm journal table.



@Arnaud_Declerck ,
Thank You for your Answer, it's working.

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Glad it helps. Don't forget to mark it as solution so it's easier to find if someone has the same problem.

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I was looking for a solution just to change one particular table, instead of overall change to all table.

Your solution works perfectly.