Change in Template Path after Overide

Hi all, the template which is created in the global was overridden in the child project and here is the problem, even the template is overridden the template path has been changed
ex:Template A and Template B is created in the child/Global project
in Parent project Template B is overridden and now template be is showing Template A data,in which property section i have to check the path to make it right ,please help

Thanks in Advance.

I've not experienced this problem; could you provide more details? Are you talking about a Vision project? How did this happen; was it a find/replace error, copy/paste error, or some other unexpected behavior? Are there bindings involved that are potentially causing this?

I don't know how this happened ,am very new to ignition ,its happening in vision project, it was giving error in the template repeater saying no information found in the template repeater.but my friend told me that the template is overridden and since i didn't got idea about the template path i deleted the template in the parent project ,now its again working good as the original template which is created in the child.