Change log for 7.2.6?

Where is the change log for the latest version?

It’s being generated by our 4,096-node Hadoop cluster… should be up by tomorrow.

I thought I knew what Kevin was talking about but just to be sure I googled [quote]4,096-node Hadoop cluster[/quote]

you’ll never guess what the top hit was…

Am I missing something??? I still don’t see a change log.

Sorry, almost there. Still working on gathering the AB driver changes.

Here is the changelog minus the AB module:

[li]Added - Ability to format date references in custom alert subjects and messages[/li]
[li]Improved - Log viewer console tab is now much faster and more useable, with new exclusion and focus features to help troubleshooting[/li]
[li]Fixed - Alerted tags with custom message references to other tags in leased scan classes causing deadlock.[/li][/ul]

[li]Fixed - Module editor window’s tree didn’t scroll correctly when you had a project with lots of modules[/li]
[li]Fixed - Fixed bug where escape characters could cause syntax highlighting issues in expressions[/li][/ul]

SQL Bridge Module
[li]Fixed - Unnecessary number formatting removed from block group pattern start number editor.[/li][/ul]

Vision Module
[li]Added - New foreground color mapping - map foreground color of individual cells based on another column in the dataset.[/li]
[li]Added - New background color mapping - map background color of individual cells based on another column in the dataset.[/li]
[li]Added - New font color mapping - map font color of individual cells based on another column in the dataset.[/li]
[li]Added - exportCSV function on table to export all visible columns to a CSV file.[/li]
[li]Added - Auto expand property on tree view to automatically expand all folders when component reloads.[/li]
[li]Added - Cursor code property re-added to the Toggle Button component.[/li]
[li]Improved - Tree View uses default values for columns left out of the items dataset.[/li]
[li]Fixed - Fixed bug where setting the background color of the Popup Calendar component merely created a border of the selected color.[/li]
[li]Fixed - Fixed bug where the Month View component didn’t display an adequate number of weeks for some months. All months now display 6 weeks.[/li]
[li]Fixed - Component selection wasn’t properly taking z-order into account with overlapping containers.[/li]
[li]Fixed - Tree view expandAll and collapseAll functions now work as advertised.[/li]
[li]Fixed - Updated the Easy Chart so that it uses the quality overlay system to indicate query failure rather than a popup message in the client.[/li]
[li]Fixed - Fixed scrolling on the script list in the editors for timer, tag change, and keystroke scripts[/li]
[li]Fixed - Fixed a bug that prevented setting the ‘zoomed end hour’ property to midnight on the Day View component.[/li][/ul]

Reporting Module
[li]Added - Suggested filename property added to the report panel component.[/li][/ul]