Change logger defaults?

Is it possible to change the default state of a logger?

We have the Seeq module installed (0.46.2 (b0)) and by default, its and loggers are set to DEBUG by default and are spamming our log file every 10 seconds with useless crap (below). I keep changing them to ‘INFO’, but obviously people keep pressing the “to defaults” button and it resets this each time :confused:

Can I stop this?

That will have to be fixed by Seeq. Because it must be a deliberate override in their module startup. Should not have been published like that… it violates IA’s module guidelines for loggers:

I figured that would be the case… :frowning: I guess I’ll get in contact with them, cheers

In the meantime, you can try to manually override, although this may still be overridden by the module’s code:

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Their support actually said to use this way as well.

This is in their KB:

Then they step through manually overriding the level via that xml file, but with this note:
You must be using Seeq Ignition Module R50.4.3 or later.

We’re using R22.46.02 :confused:

So that’s just a little frustrating… why would they set a useless logger to DEBUG. I literally have 500 pages with 95+% just those logs every time the server is rebooted and the person doesn’t turn this crap off…

I’ve had good luck recently driving enablement of DEBUG level against specific loggers via the system.util.setLoggingLevel() function in a Gateway Startup script. I imagine you could use this to drop those loggers down as well on startup. This might be a little easier than hacking at the logback.xml.

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