Change Login screen?


Is it possible to change the login screen of ignition applications? Currently, we are able to change only text and image.

Can we make a login screen with more options?or can we make login screen in other technologies are redirect to ignition application?

Please help me.

I would be interested in this as well. We are doing some tight integration with our MES and need to capture more information at login. We are currently using a startup script to open a prompt, however it would be nicer to have this all on the login screen with custom events.

You can make your custom login screen in Ignition. Ypu must set a auto-login user on the project (or a specific project for login and then use a system.util.retarget) and open on startup only your login screen.

For programming the login screen funtionality, you can use the system.user and functions. Once you validate the user, you can switch to your initial window.


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It is not clear for me.
How can i make my customized log in screen?
Should i make a window with the log in?
How can i manage the database with this window?