Change mouse cursor to hour glass while dropdown list populates

I have a dropdown list with the data binding on a named query. The query is a little sluggish and I would like to change the mouse cursor to an hourglass during the period of time after the user clicks the down arrow and the list is populated and displayed. Is this possible?

@trusk, it should be possible in Perspective.

You would likely need to create a hover style that sets the cursor to ‘wait’. Then use an on-click event to add the style to the dropdown component. Then use a change script to remove it again when the dropdown data has changed. Although I’m not sure how well it would work :thinking:

If you’re looking to have the cursor set to wait no matter where it is on the screen, this would be a lot harder. It would probably be better to just use a loading popup or banner in this case.

I usually make these queries into tags. Especially if there are a lot of clients like I am starting to get around here. Well actually nowadays I just fix my goofy query lol

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I moved the query to a tag and it is a little bit more responsive. The problem is just the number of records returned from the query. I am trying to convince the higher ups to prune the db a little to make things more snappy.

This is sort of the approach I would recommend, but is there a reason you don’t just disable the component until the list of available options is initialized?

Also, I wouldn’t use an onClick event to set the style because the user has already clicked by that point - you want the style in place before they click. Also, by binding the style class directly to the length of the list of available options you can remove the change script.

Anyway, there is no way to set the cursor style for the page/session unless you specifically set up a sort of “loading theme” which sets the cursor to the “wait” appearance.

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