Change namespace on MQTT Topic using RabbitMQ

Hi everyone.
I'm currently making some tests publishing data from Ignition via MQTT, but when I view the message on the MQTT Explorer the topic has changed, and added the sparkplug version on the namespace.
Do you know if there is a way to avoid that?

Try publishing with system.cirruslink.engine.publish: MQTT Publishing via MQTT Engine - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

Otherwise, no, if you use SparkPlug you are confined to the SparkPlug namespace/topic structure.

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Thanks Kevin, I have a concern about system.cirruslink.engine.publish(). It could be used to publish to a RabbitMQ Broker or it is only designed to operate with Chariot?

It should work with any MQTT broker, and is actually the only way to publish when you aren't using a SparkPlug namespace.

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It´s worked. Thanks