Change numberFormat on table component

I have a component table that is populated by a dynamic SQL query depending on user selected options. When it contains data of a specific type, I would like to change the numberFormat for that column to 3 decimal places instead of the default 2 decimal places. Here is the code I am trying to use. It is in the propertyChange event for the table component, but it does not seem to be changing anything:

if event.propertyName == "data" and event.source.parent.parent.getComponent('ctrViewData').tblType == 1:
	table = event.source.parent.getComponent("tblPackCheck")
	Changes = {"numberFormat":"#,##0.###"}
	table.columnAttributesData = fpmi.dataset.updateRow(table.columnAttributesData,6,Changes)

I got this code working OK. Two things to check:

  1. That the code is being allowed to run - put a print "Code running" line after the if statement and monitor the Output Console to make sure it is actually running.

  2. Make sure the column you are trying to update is actually the 7th row in the columnAttributesData dataset (the first row is number 0).