Change of User causes screen swap to close project

I have a project with tab strip for changing the main window. If I logout and change User then try to swap to a certain screen (with “file explorer” and “Adobe PDF Viewer”) the project shuts down completely. I only have two Users but this happens regardless of which way round I logout. The initial login opens the screen perfectly.
If I try to close down the server I get an Adobe Reader error stating :

“One or more PDF documents are open inside a web browser. If you exit Adobe Reader now, those documents will be closed etc”

Any ideas? :scratch:
Adobe Reader is version 8.
I am at a loss how to monitor what is going on i.e. the “Console” does not give any indication - is there somewhere I should look to establish what is going on in the background?

The ActiveX components are a bit fragile, it sounds like they’re crashing. Is there any way you could avoid using them?