Change of User causes screen swap to close project

I have a project with tab strip for changing the main window. If I logout and change User then try to swap to a certain screen (with “file explorer” and “Adobe PDF Viewer”) the project shuts down completely. I only have two Users but this happens regardless of which way round I logout. The initial login opens the screen perfectly.
If I try to close down the server I get an Adobe Reader error stating :

“One or more PDF documents are open inside a web browser. If you exit Adobe Reader now, those documents will be closed etc”

Any ideas? :scratch:
Adobe Reader is version 8.
I am at a loss how to monitor what is going on i.e. the “Console” does not give any indication - is there somewhere I should look to establish what is going on in the background?

I remember having some problem or other with the pdf viewer. I ended up using an IE window to dislplay the pdf. Might be worth a try. :confused:

Tried the IE window and unfortunately still does the same. :frowning:

Dont want to seem greedy and hog the forum but is their an explanation for this issue as I cant run the project with this occuring.

That version of windows, java, and Ignition are you using? I’ll see if we can replicate this issue here, although I can’t promise a solution (mixing ActiveX and Java isn’t a great technology)

We’ve had the idea of licensing pure-java pdf rendering and browser components, but the cost is quite high.

(for my future reference, this seems to be a repost)

Windows XP Pro Version 2002 service pack 3 (on a VM)
Java version 6 Update 24 (build 1.6.0_24-b07
Ignition 7.3.2

You mentioned on my duplicate post (dont know how I two??) not to use active X . I replaced this with the PDF viewer from the Reporting tab and clicking on the next page arrow or selecting a file causes the project to close.
What are my options on this problem???

Your best option is to pop-up the PDF, instead of displaying it embedded. You can do this with a scripting call such as

What version of IE are you running? I recommend at least IE7. Something else niggling at the back of my brain about IE6, but can’t seem to remember what it was…

Just for the record it was IE6 so I upgraded to IE8 still same problem, going have to go down the as advised. Just seems a shame to need to avoid certain features of Ignition. :scratch:

Yes, I know this is a bit of a bummer, but there’s a reason that the ActiveX module is free and not installed by default. It’s sort of offered “as-is”, since it uses a technology that we are unable to improve on. For what it’s worth, some customers are using it with success, but there is a large variety of factors that go into whether or not it’ll work well for any given use.