Change operator password during runtime


In user management component there is option to change password for internal profile.
I want this option in script so operator can change their password through HMI when they need.
I can’t find any function for this.
How can I do that?

I’m not aware of scripting functions for a password change, but is there a reason you don’t want to use the built in user management component? By setting the mode to “Edit Current” they will only have access to their account.


The main reason is for theme and the look.
The project is optimize for touch screen with bigger icon and dark theme so using user management component is not suite here.

There is no scripting function to change the password of a user in the internal database - however, what you can do is use a database user source, and then use scripting to perform the password operations desired.

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Thanks. Is there any really project sketeron to work with?

Exactly what we are doing. Had twerk the login system to allow users to log in with CCID enabled readers and smart cards.

However now that we have it all working, I think this will be our pattern for future projects, and I want to make a template to add/edit/delete users. I really don’t wan’t to enable legacy database access or have the SQL in named queries as I wan’t this template to be portable between our projects/gateways. Is there any way to make such a template self contained? Maybe some kind of template based permission instead of role based? Don’t want to have to give e.g. user manager role legacy database access.

Sorry for hijacking this tread, but this was just too similar.

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